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By Craig Forcese

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National Security Crisis Law (2017-2018)

In association with the Department of Justice Canada, uOttawa JD and LLM students are participating in the Georgetown National Security Crisis Law course and simulation, taught by Professors Laura K Donohue and Alan D Cohn of Georgetown law school, Washington DC. 

Georgetown Law’s National Security Crisis Law (NSCL) offers a capstone experience for students who plan to pursue careers in National Security Law.

NSCL focuses on the authorities and processes that shape decisionmakers’ responses to crises. It takes into account conventional and non-conventional threats—such as cyber threats, biological weapons, narcotics trafficking, attacks on the energy infrastructure and the financial services industry, and the detonation of radiological devices—to examine the constitutional, statutory, and administrative contours of the government’s response.

Canadian legal dimensions will figure in this year’s version of NSCL. Instructors on Canadian law and operations will include Professor Craig Forcese, uOttawa, and legal counsel from the Justice Canada’s National Security Litigation and Advisory Group.