CCIL Veterans Scholarship

The Canadian Council on International Law is fundraising for a new scholarship.  The CCIL Veterans Scholarship will provide tuition support to a Canadian Forces veteran entering or pursuing legal studies at the JD or LL.B. level in a Canadian law school.  As president of the CCIL, I am actively fundraising in support of this scholarship.  To this end, I am completing a series of endurance events through 2012.  Please support my efforts!

Learn more about my efforts here.  Learn more about the scholarship and the Canadian Council on International Law here.  The CCIL is a registered Canadian charity and donations are tax creditable.

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By Craig Forcese

In 2012, I will try to complete the following endurance events in aid of a campaign to raise funds for a scholarship in law for Canadian Forces veterans: 

Winterlude Triathlon

Gatineau Loppet (50k edition)

Boston Marathon

Rideau Lakes Tour, Classic Route;

Ironman 70.3 Mont Tremblant (a half-ironman event)

Ironman Mont Tremblant (a full ironman event)

Army Run (half-marathon).

This blog will follow my "four seasons of moving vigorously", with hopefully worthwhile reflections on the world of endurance athletics.  I hope it will also encourage you and all my readers to support my cause.

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uOttawa Law Running Group up and, well, Running

We are going into a third week of running in our nascent uOttawa Running Group.  So far it includes a few students and faculty training for the Ottawa Race Weekend 10k or Half Marathon and fundraising for Girls Gotta Run.  We have been meeting weekly Saturdays at 10 am in front of the Chateau Laurier.  Now that the snow and ice have come, our runs will be south down the Rideau Canal and starting next week (Dec 8), we'll move our meeting point to in front of the Westin Hotel (and in the lobby if it is cold), adjoining the Rideau Centre.  The current distance is about 5k, but can be longer if people want to join me in heading back south along the Canal after the official loop.  See this map for the "Winter course".

I coach lightly and, when it is a bit warmer, have been shooting some video using Coach's Eye and narrating some form suggestions.

In late winter, we'll do some speed work sessions out at the Louis Riel Dome (a full 400 meters indoor track). 

But right now, we're focused on easy aerobic pace sessions (as in a pace at which you can hold a conversation).  It is non competitive.  We'll leave the racing for the race, and the latate threshold and VO2 max work to the speed work sessions.

This is a "no runner gets left behind" group. On the Saturday runs, faster people go ahead. But once they reach the end of the run loop, they turn around and re-join the group and then run ahead again -- a little more mileage for the speedy folks. 

The overall idea is to prime the tendons for harder work later on.  I have also proposed some core workout routines and suggest one other run a week and some cross-training (i.e., spinning sessions) for those thinking of training seriously for the event. 

As we get closer to the racing season (12 weeks out), I am happy to propose some more formal structure and a "training plan".

The group is open to all comers.  If you want to run with us on Saturday morning, you are welcome to do so.  If you want some coaching or wish to participate in some of the more structured workouts, then you should also be willing to pitch-in on the fundraising activities for Girls Gotta Run.  We'll get those underway in January.

We have a simple electronic "sign in" log for the Saturday run -- sign up isn't required but it helps to know if people will be turning up. (We'll use a -20C (with windchill) cut off: if the Friday evening forecast is showing a temperature of -20C with windchill for Saturday morning, then the group run is "cancelled" and running becomes a private affair! We won't try to gather a group.)

It's a great way to meet some new people in the law school community and, as we start to grow, more generally.  Faculty, students, members of the legal community, others, all are welcome!

Hope to see you out there.