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This blog comments on Canadian (and occasionally comparative) national security law to update my National Security Law textbook and now also my 2015 book, False Security: The Radicalization of Anti-terrorism, co-authored with Kent Roach.

Please also see www.antiterrorlaw.ca for Bill C-51-related analyses by Craig Forcese and Kent Roach.

For narrated lectures on various topics in national security law, please visit my 2017 "national security nutshell" series, available through iTunes.


For a continuing conversation on Canadian national security law and policy, please join Stephanie Carvin and me at A Podcast Called INTREPID.


Please also visit my archive of "secret law" in the security area.

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10 Minute Primers: An Enigma Wrapped in a Secret, Governed by Uncertain Law: CSE and metadata

Over the last several years and certainly since the Snowden revelations, there has been considerable discussion and controversy over the interception amd acquisition by Canada’s signals intelligence agency, the Communications Security Establishment, of metadata.  In this 10 minute primer, I do my best to lay out the basics on the legal and policy framework of this interception and collection, as well as discussing controversies and reform possibilities.


10 Minute Primer: An Enigma Wrapped in a Secret, Governed by Uncertain Law: CSE and metadata from Craig Forcese on Vimeo.