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This blog comments on Canadian (and occasionally comparative) national security law to update my National Security Law textbook and now also my 2015 book, False Security: The Radicalization of Anti-terrorism, co-authored with Kent Roach.

Please also see www.antiterrorlaw.ca for Bill C-51-related analyses by Craig Forcese and Kent Roach.

For narrated lectures on various topics in national security law, please visit my 2017 "national security nutshell" series, available through iTunes.


For a continuing conversation on Canadian national security law and policy, please join Stephanie Carvin and me at A Podcast Called INTREPID.


Please also visit my archive of "secret law" in the security area.

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National Security Law "Nutshell" Lectures via iTunes Podcasts

I am pleased this year to be co-instructing the Canadian component of the Georgetown law school National Security Law Crisis Simulation, in a three way link-up between uOttawa, Georgetown and uPenn (fingers crossed on the technology). To facilitate that contribution, I have begun posting Canadian national security law "nutshell" podcasts of various topics as an iTunes podcast. Interested listeners may subscribe to that podcast here.

The podcasts are generally 10-20 minutes long -- very much nutshells to "scene set" for classroom discussions. (The topics are a bit of a buffet covering several of the topics in the Georgetown syllabus, and there is no mandatory order, but I generally assume listeners will listen in chronological order. I shall be adding podcasts periodically through to March.)

For other podcast and videocast series for the various courses I teach, see the podcast section of my main website.