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Business and Human Rights

While Craig is no longer active in the area, past academic and public policy work with groups such as Rights & Democracy and Amnesty International has focused on issues of business and international human rights, especially in conflict zones.

In 2001, while completing graduate work at Yale, Craig served as research director for theUnknown ObjectCanadian Democracy and Corporate Accountability Commission, co-chaired by the Honourable Ed Broadbent and Mr. Avie Bennett.Unknown Object In 2006, he served as an Advisory Committee member for the Government of Canada's Roundtables on Corporate Social Responsibility in the Extractive Sector.Unknown Object

Canadian Democracy and Corporate Accountability Commission

The Canadian Democracy and Corporation Accountability Commission acquired the shorthand the Broadbent-Bennett Commission, named after two of its commissioners, Ed Broadbent and Avie Bennett.Unknown Object The Commission was a private, foundation-funded study of corporate social responsibility in Canada that completed its work in 2002 after hearings held across the country.Unknown Object The Commission's website has expired, but the key documents produced by the Commission are available via the links below:

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